Connect Raiser’s Edge

Your school’s development office needs the most up-to date information about its constituents. Whether it’s new addresses for alumni, an updated phone number for a parent, or contact information for incoming students and their families, having the latest information about constituents is crucial to your school’s fundraising program. With Connect Raiser’s Edge, your school can ensure that its development office has all of the latest and greatest information about its donors.

System Requirements

In order to use Connect Raiser’s Edge your school must have:

  • Any of Blackbaud’s education management solutions:
    • Blackbaud Student Information System™
    • Blackbaud Enrollment Management System™
    • Blackbaud School Website System™
    • Blackbaud Learning Management System™
  • Raiser’s Edge 7.93 or higher


Staying up to date with all of your constituents can be a time-consuming process, and manual data entry often leads to duplicates and errors. But data management doesn’t have to be such a hassle with Connect Raiser’s Edge. Connect Raiser’s Edge is the first integration between Blackbaud’s education management portfolio and Raiser’s Edge. With it, your existing data from Blackbaud Enrollment Management System, Blackbaud Learning Management System, Blackbaud Student Information System, or Blackbaud School Website System can flow directly into your Raiser’s Edge database, saving you time by making it easier than ever to update constituent data.

We know things are always changing, so as new students enroll and others graduate, Connect Raiser’s Edge will transfer updates directly into Raiser’s Edge with their appropriate constituent codes. Any changes that occur to contact or enrollment information after the transfer will automatically update as well.

Scanning for Matching Records

The integration will scan Raiser’s Edge for possible matches and provide you with the data needed to make a decision. 

Integration that Works with Your Processes

Choose how and when parent and student records are added to Raiser’s Edge and what constituent code they should receive based on your data processes. You can also preview any changes or new records before they are added to Raiser’s Edge.

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