Discover The Cloud Solution for K-12 Schools

October 19, 2018

Digital transformation is radically changing how we interact, work, and live. Without a digital transformation strategy, your K–12 school risks falling behind. Challenges like increased expectations and constant change have raised the stakes. With Blackbaud’s purpose-built solutions, you can provide an exceptional school experience by connecting students, parents, and teachers to drive achievement, accountability, safety, and prepare learners for lifelong success. 

In this increasingly digital world, K–12 schools face:

  • An explosion in education and school options for families
  • Declining enrollment and increased operational costs
  • The need to sustain a standout reputation for quality that attracts families

“Private education as we have known it is on its way out, at both the K–12 and post-secondary levels. At the very least, it’s headed for dramatic shrinkage.” —The Atlantic, May 2013

Key Features

  • Retain and attract families by offering a superior parent experience
  • Operate more efficiently across admissions, administration, and marketing
  • Increase revenue to advance your school
  • Deepen alumni and community engagement

The Cloud Solution for K–12 Schools

Blackbaud equips K–12 private schools of all types and all sizes to deliver on their mission and provide an exceptional school experience to parents, students, and teachers. Our cloud solution is a flexible, scalable way to grow resources, operate efficiently, and connect your entire school community.

Please download the infosheet above to learn more.

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