Discover The Cloud Solution for K-12 Schools

Your focus is preparing learners for lifelong success and providing an exceptional school experience that connects parents, students, and teachers. To be effective, you need a cloud solution built for private and independent K–12 schools that delivers performance, security, and ease of use—not a generic platform that adds complexity and cost. Blackbaud understands the unique workflows and challenges of K–12 schools, so our comprehensive cloud solutions deliver the only integrated capabilities built just for you.

Saint Xavier High School raised $57M in 3.5 years as part of a capital campaign using Blackbaud fundraising solutions.
*Source: St. Xavier High School

Your Whole School, Connected

The Cloud Solution for K–12 Schools provides a flexible, scalable way to connect your whole school, grow your K–12 community, and cultivate a sustainable future. Built on a single platform, our cloud enables you to deliver on your mission while driving efficiency, achievement, accountability, and security. 

Education Management

By providing an exceptional school experience, you attract and retain the students, families, and support you need to grow. An education management solution can help with intuitive learning and communication tools that improve collaboration across your school—and a seamless admissions, enrollment, and tuition system that keeps parents happy while reducing your administrative burden.

Financial Management

To drive achievement and advance your school tomorrow, you have to make strategic decisions today. The right financial solution empowers you with intuitive, reliable tools to manage fund accounting, financial aid, and tuition, so you can improve reporting and operate efficiently. By streamlining and automating business processes, you can spend more time and resources on your mission.

Fundraising and Relationship Management

You cultivate a sustainable future by engaging new donors, retaining current supporters, and delivering exceptional experiences to parents and families. A fundraising and relationship management solution can help your development team reach its goals by boosting revenue, expanding recurring and major gifts, and maximizing the giving potential of every alumni and donor in your school community.

Marketing and Engagement

To stand out, your school must build and promote a reputation for excellence that attracts families, increases applications, and drives admissions. A marketing and engagement solution designed for your school’s needs will give you the ability to tailor web content, social strategies, and digital communications to reach the right prospects at the right time with the right message.


Analytics can be an incredibly powerful tool to help your school advance its reputation, deliver on its mission, and grow support to build a sustainable future. Whether you’re looking to acquire new donors, connect with your audience, or optimize fundraising, the right data can help you make it happen.

Payment Services

Streamline tuition and payment processing by offering parents their choice of payment methods—and giving them an easy, mobile-friendly way to manage their account on the go. Reduce delinquency and save time on manual processes with secure, PCI-compliant, industry-leading payment services. 

Explore the Cloud Solution for K–12 Schools.

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