The Small School Management System with Big Benefits

Did you know that Blackbaud’s first customer was a school? It’s true. Today, our commitment to serving K–12 private and parochial schools is stronger than ever. We provide a full suite of dynamic school management system modules—The Cloud Solution for K–12 Schools—to drive digital transformation and increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout your school’s academic, admissions, marketing, business, and development offices. What’s more, we offer a pricing model that makes sense for small school budgets, too. 

Connect Your Whole School 

The intimate educational experience provided by small schools is a direct result of everyone pulling together behind the scenes to do more with less. The best way to continue to make this possible on a day-to-day basis is through an interconnected cloud-based school management system that operationalizes tedious tasks and prioritizes data flow.  

With The Cloud Solution for K–12 Schools, admission inquiry data collected on the school’s website is channeled into the enrollment management system. Enrollment contracts also sync with the tuition system to avoid double-data entry. The login account that parents create during the application process is the same one they use to check their child’s homework assignments, pay tuition online, and connect with other parents through the directory. Profile data collected on family members is also available to the fundraising system. 

In addition to the unified parent experience and streamlined data management from connecting your whole school, each of Blackbaud’s solutions offer significant benefits for small schools. 

Blackbaud School Website System™ 

  • Responsive web design (RWD) 
  • Flexible page management with over 50 drag-and-drop functionality widgets 
  • Full control over the design style sheets 
  • School-specific functionality: dynamic curriculum and team pages, filterable calendars, faculty directory, and emergency notice pop-ups 
  • Create multiple websites without incurring additional hosting fees 

Blackbaud Enrollment Management System™ 

  • Drag-and-drop inquiry and application form builder 
  • Customizable application checklists 
  • Integration with the Student Application Online (SAO) 
  • Self-scheduling for interviews and tours 
  • Online committee review process 
  • Individualized contracts and one-click enrollment 

Blackbaud Financial Aid Management™

  • Mobile-friendly application available in English and Spanish 
  • Customizable financial aid application calculation settings 
  • Documentation (tax returns, W-2 forms, and pay stubs) uploaded within the application 
  • Full profile of each family’s hobbies, interests, and lifestyle choices 
  • Comprehensive reporting provides recommended need for applicants 

Blackbaud Learning Management System™ 

  • Course pages engage students with Topics, Bulletin Boards, and Discussions 
  • Assignment Center displays each student’s entire workload 
  • Rubrics and traditional forms of assessment supported 
  • Competency-based education functionality 
  • Grade Book supports teacher comments 
  • Athletic, Advising, Activity, Dorm, and Community pages streamline communication 

Blackbaud Student Information System™ 

  • Academic information flows in from Blackbaud Learning Management System 
  • Customize academic performance formulas for grading 
  • Build an online schedule that matches the school’s unique structure 
  • Attendance tracking includes dismissal and pre-excuse management 
  • Quickly locate students and faculty with Find Me Now 
  • Customize the layout and appearance of report cards and transcripts 

Blackbaud Tuition Management 

  • Apply tuition and fees to an individual family bill or a group of accounts 
  • Provide flexible payment plans determined by the school 
  • Manage extended care with weekly, daily, or drop-in charges 
  • Allow families to choose from a variety of payment methods 
  • Protect financial data with trusted privacy and security 
  • Acts as a subledger to Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® 

  • Comprehensive fund accounting functionality to efficiently manage complex reporting requirements 
  • More than 150 customizable report templates 
  • Flexible chart of accounts includes sub-account dimensions for tracking things like programs, grants, and endowments 
  • Built-in budgeting contains unlimited scenarios and forecasting into the future, even at the grant or program level 
  • Pre-built dashboards give at-a-glance access to key performance metrics and insight 
  • Full payable, purchasing, and requisition subledgers are included 

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® 

  • Cultivation tools help find new supporters and unlock the untapped potential of existing donors 
  • Smart recommendations identify top prospects, suggested ask amounts, and donors at risk of lapsing 
  • Data enrichment functionality helps find missing addresses, emails, and phone numbers 
  • Automatically process online donations 
  • Multichannel communication tools include email and social 
  • Role-based work centers help track individual and team performance, manage portfolios, and quickly view recent touch points 

Let’s begin a conversation today to discuss more ways your school will benefit from Blackbaud’s K–12 solutions and small-school pricing.

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