From Data Siloed to Connected: One School’s Continuous Journey #PODCAST

January 5, 2016 Peter Baron

In just three short years, The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, CA went from printing and mailing report cards & comments to creating an online experience using the “ON” products to connect its key constituents — parents, students and teachers.

Tony Trumbo, Sr. Director Of Educational Technology And Information Systems at The Bishop’s School, and Travis Warren, SVP/ President of Blackbaud’s K-12 Group, joined me for a recent webinar to talk about the transition.

This is a little bit different of a podcast in that I’m showcasing the audio from the webinar in episode 23 of Blackbaud’s K-12 Get Connected podcast. The conversation was so helpful that I wanted to share it here with our regular listeners.

We talked about how Tony and the school successfully staged their roll out to the Bishop’s community, and the positive response it has garnered from the school’s stakeholders.

Also, with any plan comes challenges. Learn what Bishop’s encountered and hear how they overcame the inevitable bumps in the road.

Let me know what you think about Bishop’s journey from Data Siloed to Connected School. We’d love to hear how your school has either approached or is approaching the challenge.

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