Rethink Change: Accelerating Education Technology Adoption in K–12 Private Schools

October 21, 2020

Anyone predicting a fall enrollment boom last spring would have been greeted with skepticism, yet today, many schools are over-enrolled as families seek alternative options. Frankly, most private schools rose to the challenge of pandemic learning last spring and have continued to meet the obstacles of reopening this fall. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

So now, what’s next?  

That question motivated us at Blackbaud to partner with YouGov for this study. Helping schools deliver an exceptional family experience through digital transformation has been a motivating theme for us for years. So rather than survey school leaders, we decided to focus on families.

In all aspects of life, from groceries to doctors and the way we work, the pandemic is accelerating technology adoption. This is very much true in K–12 education. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the use and utilization of Blackbaud’s LMS capabilities, such as class topics, assignments, and online discussion boards, as well as a massive increase in video uploads. And while usage in all areas may not sustain at current levels, it’s safe to say they won’t go back to the way they used to be. We’re going from a new temporary normal to the next normal.

Our study shows that family expectations regarding school investment in technology has shifted. Can we imagine returning to a day when assignments are not available online or academic progress isn’t available to families on a real-time basis? Today’s families can’t either.   

So how should school leaders consider using the information in this report? Download this free report to learn more. 

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