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Nurse's Office


Hello, I'm Anne Kellerman and I'm going to show you the medical records feature in Blackbaud Student Information SystemTM. Medical records provide a comprehensive, secure, and HIPAA compliant method to record and share student medical information between the nurse's office, faculty, and school administration.

Let's start by taking a look at the nurse's office perspective to see how the school nurse manages medical information for the school.

From the nurse's office, the nurse can locate a student using the Find Me Now task; view recent updates to medical records using the Profile Changes in Last Seven Days task; view, add, or manage today's visits; view frequent visitors; and access a variety of administrative tasks.

From the Administrative tasks tile, the nurse can build and access medical lists such as allergies and conditions. These smart lists auto-update as information changes within the database and are easily customizable to adjust columns and filters.

The nurse can also print medical contact cards for individual students and or groups of students such as classes or teams. Medical contact cards include important information, such as permission to treat, parent and emergency contacts, medical insurance, allergies, conditions, and medications.

The nurse can also upload student medical information in this area. From the medical settings button, the nurse can customize settings such as immunizations, conditions, medications, athletic clearance requirements, visit reasons, and visit outcomes.

The nurse accesses individual student medical records using the Find Me Now tile. Each student's medical record is a secure and comprehensive listing of medical information, including allergies and conditions, athletic clearance status, nurse's office visit notes, immunizations, and forms.

Medical forms such as this one seen from the parent's perspective can be created and distributed through the parent portal, thereby streamlining the gathering, updating, and recording of medical information for students.

If desired, the school can make specific medical information such as allergies and medical contact cards visible to teachers and coaches through the roster tab on their class or team pages.

To learn more about Blackbaud Student Information System, please visit our K–12 Resource Hub.

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