SEO Features for Schools

Watch the video above to learn about the search engine optimization (SEO) features included in Blackbaud School Website SystemTM—the leading CMS designed for the unique requirements of K–12 private schools. 

The SEO features highlighted in the video include:

  • Responsive web design and the importance of having a mobile-friendly website
  • Readable URLs for keyword optimization
  • The ability to edit page title tags and meta descriptions; for more info on this topic, read our article, What are the best practices for title tags and meta descriptions?
  • Automatic header tags
  • Adding captions or titles to images and videos to populate the ALT tag
  • Using self-managed redirects to retain the SEO value of pages removed from the site

For SEO tips for schools, please see the following:

Learn more about Blackbaud School Website System here, or contact us today to request a demo or learn about our SEO services for schools. 

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