Gaining Student Buy-in: How to Engage Students Using an LMS

March 7, 2014 Peter Baron

When thinking about how to maximize the value of a Learning Management System (LMS), Cheshire Academy’s Keegan Soncha and Ray Cirmo encourage you to start with this simple question:

What are the benefits of an LMS?

From open access to information and open lines of communication for students, parents, and faculty to creating an environment for blended learning, there are a great number of compelling reasons to fold an LMS into the classroom environment.

But how do you gain student buy-in? How do you make sure that you’re creating an environment where the LMS truly enhances learning for students?

This was the focus of the webinar that Keegan and Ray gave for us, and I encourage you to watch the video above or view their slides below.

After taking in their ideas, you’ll have a deeper understanding of:

  • the benefits of an LMS
  • how to help meet the learning needs of students
  • why it’s critical for teachers to embrace an LMS
  • how to use an LMS efficiently to share course materials, assignments, and assessments
  • how to track student progress

Our thanks to Keegan and Ray for all of their hard work in preparing and delivering this presentation. It’s one we think is a must-watch for any school considering how to best use an LMS.

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