Rubrics EAP is Underway!

June 1, 2017 Jackie Christensen

We are one big step closer to releasing interactive assignment rubrics in Blackbaud Learning Management System™ (formerly onCampus®)!

This month we kicked off our Early Adopter Program (EAP) with a limited release. We’ve got a great mix of lower, middle and upper EAP schools with a couple of IB schools. The teachers at these schools are providing us with feedback prior to our anticipated general release on June 28, 2017, so that we can smooth out any kinks.

Usability is key for a feature to get wide adoption. So our Blackbaud Learning Management System triad also paid a visit to The Fessenden School last month to see what we could learn by observing Teachers use Rubrics for the first time.

We shadowed History and Science Teachers as well as an Academic Technologist, who helps teachers integrate Fessenden’s amazing Innovation Lab into their classroom. They all obliged us by using Rubrics while we observed.  

Each Teacher who tried them immediately found applications for using Rubrics in their current teaching practice. Finding that Rubrics are now a seamless part of the Assignment creation process will encourage them to use Rubrics more consistently. They were also excited about the efficiency gained by using the Rubric Bank to copy their peer’s Rubric templates so they had something to start with.

It is amazing what you can learn by watching somebody engage with software. The triad noticed that each of the teachers got a little tripped up when it came to bulk committing Rubrics to the gradebook. Right after our session ended we brainstormed a more clear path so that Teachers can get those grades into the Blackbaud Learning Management System​ Gradebook in two clicks rather than three.

So far our EAP has been going well and we anticipate a general release to all Blackbaud Learning Management System schools with the June 28th, 2017 release.

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Jackie Christensen

Currently serving as a product management manager, Jackie Christensen has been a member of Blackbaud K–12's product development team since the inception of the education management solutions. In fact, she was on site with the first school to launch our LMS and SIS. She loves the journey of working with schools and our UX and technical team to bring ideas to life. Jackie lives in New Hampshire with her husband Mark and three boys. Depending on the season, you’ll either find them at the lake or skiing.

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