Three Awesome Things To Do With Topics

September 1, 2015 Hans Mundahl

Editor’s note: We’re excited to present episode three of our Back to School series with K–12 Expert, Hans Mundahl, Hans Mundahl & Associates. In this video, Hans shares three awesome tips to get the most out of Topics in onCampus, our learning management system.

If the Bulletin Board is the bread on the awesome-sandwich that is your Class Page then Topics are the cheese. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly how to use them!

Here are three ideas to help you get started.

  1. Let’s say you like giving your students resources… lots of resources! Maybe you provide links, downloads, videos, and other content and your bulletin board is too full. Try making a Topic called ‘Class Resources’ so you can organize all this great content.

  2. Maybe you’re like me and you plan your course in terms of units. Make a topic for each unit with everything students need. Only turn on the units students need to pay attention to and dial in your units each year so your content keeps getting better.

  3. Or maybe you teach younger students who aren’t ready to log into onCampus. Use topics to communicate with your parents. You could describe how their children will learn spelling or math concepts and include pictures of the manipulatives students will use. You can even provide extension activities for home.

There you have it – three ways you can use your onCampus Topics!

What do you think? If you have a question or another creative way to use onCampus – let us know in the comments!

Learn more from Hans on September 14th in his upcoming webinar – Building an Online School community: Best Practices from Behind the Password. Register now >



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