Three Steps to LMS Success! [PODCAST]

April 9, 2015 Peter Baron

All it takes is three (big, and sometimes complicated) steps to successfully rollout a Learning Management System (LMS).

  1. Reflection
  2. Desired Features
  3. Looking Ahead

Easy enough, right? Well, maybe not.

There’s lots to keep in mind, but fortunate for us, Hans Mundahl, Hans Mundahl & Associates, joins us for episode three of the Get Connected Podcast to break down the process.

Diving into the recommendations he made in the new ebook, “How to Choose, Rollout, and Effectively Use a Learning Management System” (Make sure to get your free copy!), Hans shares what it takes to ensure a successful LMS implementation.

For any school exploring a possible LMS implementation, this is a must listen.

You’ll walk away with excellent advice on how to not only assess your LMS options, but just as important, you’ll hear how you can get adoption buy-in from across your campus!

You have a few listening options. Download the episode, listen to the podcast below or subscribe to our channel on iTunes!

For more details on what we covered, make sure to check out the show notes.

  • In the e-book, Hans wrote that “Starting the conversation with your faculty and staff about an LMS by talking about the features of the software (“You can enter your assignments in three ways!”) is a quick way to convert polite educators into an angry mob.” Hans talks about a better way to approach introducing the concept of an LMS to the school community.
  • Learn Hans’ three part definition of an LMS (Hint: Organize, Replace & Innovate are key components).
  • Hear about his three phase approach to adopting and LMS: Reflection, Desired Features & Looking Ahead. Hans shares advice on how schools can approach this process.
  • Once a school selects an LMS, making sure it’s successfully adopted can be a heavy lift. Hans explores the key ingredients a school should keep in mind as they roll out the platform to the community.
  • Hear what Hans looks for when he assesses if a school is successfully using a Learning Management System.

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