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May 13, 2019 Daren Worcester

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Episode 62 of the Get Connected podcast welcomes Dr. Richard Kent, professor of literacy at the University of Maine, and author of the recent Blackbaud K–12 eBook, Writing Our Games: Using Team Notebooks and Athletes' Journals

Key discussion points in the episode, include:

  • How can writing impact athletic performance?
  • The evolution of team notebooks, and the difference between notebooks and journal writing
  • The sections of a team notebook
  • Tips and prompts for journal writing that help athletes analyze their performances
  • Lessons learned from athletes and coaches who have adopted writing as part of their training program
  • Tips for coaches looking to incorporate writing into their programs

After the interview, Jeff and Daren discuss the potential of athletic journals as an enhancement for Blackbaud Learning Management SystemTM. To vote for this enhancement request, go into the Blackbaud Community idea forum for K–12 and search "Athletic Journaling."

To learn more about Dr. Kent's work, visit WritingAthletes.com and his Amazon author's page, which includes Writing on the Bus and A Guide to Creating Student-Staffed Writing Centers.

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