Blackbaud K-12 UC20 Opening Video


Amidst this time of so much change, some truths have remained constant. Your commitment to students and families, and our commitment to you.

Today, we just wanna say thank you.

Thank you for keeping things normal even when they weren't.

Shout out to Louisville High School in Woodland Hills, California for transitioning conferences and office hours online during regularly scheduled times to avoid disruptions and maintain routine. Thank you for maintaining a sense of community when it matters most.

Kudos to Open Window School in Bellevue, Washington for creating a single online hub for news, calendars, and resources. And thank you for being flexible.

Great job River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, Texas for shifting your students to asynchronous learning. They get all the benefits of a classroom education without a rigid schedule.

We've faced challenges these last few months, but we've also learned so much. Staying connected to our missions, to our teams, to one another.

You kept teaching, you kept challenging, you kept inspiring, you kept caring, and while the way you educated has changed, the reasons you educate have not.

We're excited about the future and grateful for the challenge to reexamine and reimagine what K–12 Solutions can do—and that's because of you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

We're proud to stand beside you and whenever you need help, whether it's technology or just a little encouragement, we're here for you.

From all of us at Blackbaud, thank you.

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