Gonzaga College High School is Now Connected


I’m Scott Blair. I’m the director of information systems at Gonzaga College High School. It’s an all-boys’ Jesuit Catholic High School right in the heart of Washington DC. Not only do we emphasize academics but we emphasize service and also extracurricular activities.

We have been partners with Blackbaud since the mid-late 90s.

Probably the single greatest benefit to using Blackbaud solutions for our parents, teachers, and students, all of our community members, is they really have one place to get all the information they need. They definitely experience a state-of-the-art website, and then when you put those log-ins in there, you can tailor content through these resource boards for them.

Gonzaga decided to go with Enrollment Management, and it seamlessly plugged into School Website. The advantage for the families was tremendous. When they created their accounts at the inquiry, they had that account with Gonzaga’s community as long as they stayed with our community.

Another great benefit to Enrollment Management is the Committee Review. In the past, we’d get about 700 applicants a year, which we are very fortunate and grateful for. They would have to apply and then our admissions committee would have to build a file for all 700 students.

They would have to physically load it with teacher recommendations, with report cards, with essays, all that kind of stuff. Each committee member would have about 50 files, and we would be carrying them around, looking through all those documents—they’re not sortable, they’re not searchable.

To have all that behind that login, and to be able to load all that digitally, you can imagine the resources and the time that it saved us and how much more efficient our evaluation process was for the admissions committee.

Gonzaga decided to go with Tuition Management. It was much easier and intuitive for the families to set up their payment methods. When it became a much better and easier experience for the families, our cash flows immediately went up. And also our delinquencies went down.

Another great feature of Tuition Management is the ability to bake the contract right into the enrollment process. They log into the website, they see that a contract is available, and when they sign that contract, any financial aid, any payments, it flows directly right into Tuition Management so it’s a completely integrated experience for the families.

We had a summer mailing that would go out every summer, and we called them pizza boxes. They were stuffed with all kinds of papers and documents that we needed to get to the Gonzaga families. It would take a few days, and it would be an army of people stuffing these boxes, and then the mailing itself cost us some $20,000.

So by putting all these documents behind the login in the resource board, you can imagine the savings.

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