Integrated Accounting Dashboards

September 28, 2020

Watch the short video above to see how sub-ledger transactions from Blackbaud's tuition and fundraising solutions roll up into dashboard reporting in our accounting software for schools, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®


Hello, I'm Will Blackwell and I'm going to share with you some of the Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT features for real-time access to reporting, easy production and distribution of reports, and deep drill-down capabilities where needed.

Here are just a few of our prescriptive dashboards. These items are already built for you out of the box, giving you the opportunity to filter on needed information. Here we're looking at budget to actual, filtered on our revenues, specifically operating revenue, tuition revenue, and discounts taken pulling from the Blackbaud Tuition ManagementTM sub-ledger.

Based on your filters, the dashboard will populate the below visuals. This gives different stakeholders access to pull and perhaps only see their pertinent information. This works on the expense side as well of course to ensure program or department managers are informed of and staying in line with their budget.

Another dashboard we've created is in regards to development, this time pulling from our fundraising sub-ledger, Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT®. Here we can of course see revenue received as we're in an accounting system, but we can also see a number of gifts and an average gift.

Combining information from multiple integrated sub-ledgers allows for more accurate and nimble decision making.

Any of our dashboards can also be scheduled and shared via email. So if you wanted to send this say every Monday and Friday, at a given time, it will do so automatically as a PDF, meaning stakeholders do not have to remember to look for certain information, it's automatically served up to them.

Finally, let's look at a project income and expense report. Notice you have easy access to filter any pertinent information once again, providing you with real-time dynamic data. Here we can see beginning balances, revenues, expenses, ending balances, and more, all in one place for selected programs.

Also, all of our dashboards will allow you to drill into more information. Here if we explore Project 1000 for case management, view the full record from the preview window, and you can review the activity, any notes, attachments, and more.

From there, let's move into July, and you'll notice an expense from accounts payable. I can drill in further, to any given transaction. And from here we can see the vendor this was tied to, whether it was paid, a scanned copy of the invoice, and more here as well.

The ability to drill down and access more information is available throughout Financial Edge NXT. To learn more about Financial Edge NXT, please visit our resource hub, thank you.

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