K–12 School Coronavirus Communication Examples

March 13, 2020 Jackie Christensen


Hi everybody, it's Jackie Christensen from Blackbaud's Education Product Management team.

In this video, I want to share some examples of how Blackbaud K-12 schools are using our various communication tools to share information about their responses to the coronavirus and any remote learning plans they are putting into place. Things are moving quickly and it's important for your community to have a centralized Hub to get the latest information.

First, I'd like to thank some of our Advisor schools who have graciously agreed to allow me to share examples from their sites. I think it's helpful to see real examples. 

Instructions on how to use any of the features we have shown you are available in our Help Center. We also have a Teacher Resource page available. And of course, our Blackbaud Support team is standing by. Just give us a call or post a chat.  

The International School of the Peninsula has used a public-facing School Website page to aggregate useful information in one place. They've done a great job laying out the information to help families get their questions answered. I think having a last updated stamp is a great idea as well.  
There are a number of different options for sharing out information with your community behind the password as well.  
Here you can see that Sinai Akiba Academy has leveraged a Resource Board page to share information. I think it's a great idea to share all the school communications regarding coronavirus in one channel. That way families and staff can access it quickly from one location if the original email got lost in their inbox.  
Sanford School has added some topics to their existing Sanford Technology Community Group page to provide Teachers with resources for converting to distance learning. Luckily, all of their teachers already have their Blackbaud Learning Management class pages set up where they can use Bulletin Boards, Topics and online Assignments for remote learning activities.  
Here they've added a how-to for creating an online assessment. They have also shared instructions on how to use 3rd party tools such as Zoom web conferencing for virtual class meetings.  
These are just a few examples of how schools are maximizing their Blackbaud K-12 solutions.   

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Jackie Christensen

Currently serving as a product management manager, Jackie Christensen has been a member of Blackbaud K–12's product development team since the inception of the education management solutions. In fact, she was on site with the first school to launch our LMS and SIS. She loves the journey of working with schools and our UX and technical team to bring ideas to life. Jackie lives in New Hampshire with her husband Mark and three boys. Depending on the season, you’ll either find them at the lake or skiing.

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