Introduction to Blackbaud Learning Management System

Watch the video above to learn about Blackbaud Enrollment Management System, the forward-thinking LMS for K–12 private schools that combines academics, athletics, advising, and extracurriculars, providing insight into all phases of the student experience.

Key features highlighted in the video include:

  • The mobile-friendly LMS interface that makes it easy for students and teachers to stay connected wherever they go
  • Engaging course pages with bulletin boards and topics that support threaded discussions
  • Customizable assignment types that allow educators to decide how much each type will count toward the cumulative course grade
  • The ability for students to track their homework commitments in the Assignment Center, and how faculty can preview students’ entire workload to avoid over-scheduling
  • Integrations with Google Drive and Turnitin that provide flexibility for how, where, and when homework is completed
  • How the visual gradebook boosts efficiency with auto-saving, and the ability for teachers to allow students and parents to view grades in real-time
  • Competency-based education and rubrics functionality (in addition to traditional forms of assessment) that help students master academic concepts
  • Athletic team pages that include game and practice schedules, provide coaches with the ability to add game scores and highlights, and deliver roster functionality that makes it easy for coaches to message individual players or the entire team
  • Advising groups that provide advisors and students with a forum to discuss performance, course requests, and other activities
  • Community, activity, and residential groups that give clubs and other campus organizations a way to communicate news, events, and announcements to members
  • The connectivity of Blackbaud Learning Management System with our other solutions, enabling course information to flow into our student information system for scheduling and grading; athletic schedules and game updates to display on the school's public website; and events from all courses, teams, and activities appear together on personalized calendars for each user

Please contact us today to learn more about Blackbaud Learning Management System.

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