New Dashboard Builder and Insight Designer for Blackbaud's Education Management Solutions

January 14, 2021

Watch this video to see how you can assess your school's overall performance and effectiveness via customizable graphs and charts within Blackbaud's SKY reporting Dashboard Builder and Insight designer.


Hello! I'm Janet Wittenberg and I'm going to share with you the Dashboard and Insight capability of SKY reporting in Blackbaud's Education Management solution. 

Using the Education Analysis area, viewers can open any of the pre-configured or custom dashboards built at your school to gain access to powerful analytics right within the application. 

Data administrators at your school can create custom dashboards that highlight the data points that are relevant to your audience. The list of prebuilt insights gives you building blocks to get started.  Use the drag and drop interface with the mobile-responsive dashboard page as your canvas.  Chart types give you easy visualization, and filters can make it simple to slice and dice the data. 

Add context with descriptions and text annotations. 

Department heads can use visualizations to compare important measures for consistency or to spot outliers.  The filters can change for the English department. Correlate admissions data such as Sending school with outcomes like Student performance leveraging your connected solution.  Drill-in for more detail to be proactive with your at-risk students 

Custom dashboard pages can easily be shared to viewers who are not logging into the application on a regular basis, either with a link to login, or a password protected URL that grants short-term access. 

In addition to the prebuilt insights that come along with Dashboard builder that you already own, consider an additional subscription to Insight Designer. Here can create your own visualizations to place on custom dashboards. 

Dig deeper and discover correlations between student engagement and performance 

Get quick answers when you need to provide data to external agencies 

Create the custom reports your Admissions team depends on regularly. Instead of relying on duplicate data entry and stale spreadsheets, provide oversight of this year's progress from the data you manage in Enrollment management. 

Add your insight to a dashboard page, and it's ready to be shared across your organization. 

Click the link for a free trial of Insight designer. This will give you a period of time to evaluate whether this additional capability is right for your school.  Also from there, you can order your subscription right from within the application. 

To learn more about SKY Reporting in Education management, please visit our resource Hub. 

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