3 Fun Fundraising Ideas to Energize Year-End Giving

Two girls celebrating at a year-end fundraising event.

For many K–12 private schools, year-end fundraising brings in more money than any other time period. It's also a critical season for other non-profits, which means that your donors are likely receiving solicitations from numerous organizations. How can your school's year-end campaign stand out? Here are three fun fundraising ideas to help your school's campaign have a banner (end of) year.  

1. Send a fundraising video.

Your development team likely sends solicitations through a variety of channels—email, direct mail, flyers and brochures, event invitations, etc. One fundraising medium you may not have tried is video. A short 30-second video embedded in an end-of-year email campaign can provide a significant boost to fundraising revenue.

The best way to utilize video in year-end fundraising is to include students, along with select administrators or faculty members, looking into the camera and making a direct ask such as “Will you help our school by making a donation before the end of the year?” The email text can support and reiterate this ask.

2. Get students involved.

Your school's parents and grandparents may not always pay attention to the fundraising letters and flyers you send home, but they're always interested in the activities their children and grandchildren are excited about. Why not create a fun student activity that draws attention to year-end giving?

Consider holding a party for students, a 30-minute dance-a-thon, or another type of student activity that celebrates year-end giving. You can still send fundraising emails, letters, and flyers, but now you will also have an exciting event for students to talk about with their family members.

3. Run a year-end crowdfunding campaign.

Over the past few years, many schools have discovered the power of crowdfunding. Nearly every school (regardless of size) can run a successful crowdfunding campaign through a peer-to-peer fundraising solution such as JustGivingTM that raises five- or six-figure totals. Year-end giving could be a great time to run your school’s first (or next) crowdfunding campaign.

One benefit of running a year-end crowdfunding campaign is that it provides a natural end date for the campaign—December 31 at midnight. In order to be successful, crowdfunding campaigns have to run like an actual campaign. You’ll need to send out multiple letters and emails, be active on social media, create a crowdfunding committee that can help amplify your marketing efforts, and have a stand-out campaign page.

The final six weeks of the year are one of the most powerful (and profitable) times of the year for school fundraising. Think outside of the box this year and create a year-end campaign where having a little fun is the secret to success!

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