School-Pass™ is a K-12 Student Logistics platform helping schools manage and automate student arrival, attendance, and dismissal operations - making the manual and chaotic process safer for students, 85% more efficient for the front office, and 50% faster for parents.  

Parents have the convenience of self-managing authorized driver lists and daily arrival and dismissal plans via their smartphones which seamlessly push real-time instructions into dismissal processes such as automated carline dismissal, electronic bus boarding, and after-school activity attendance.  School administrators can now actively manage an efficient student pickup and dismissal process and account for student whereabouts while they are on campus, especially during emergencies.


Learn about the School-Pass integration into the “ON” Products
Blackbaud and School-Pass have partnered to offer data integration between Blackbaud “ON” Products and the School-Pass platform, specifically parent and student data synchronization.

The integration was designed to save both school administrators and parents time by seamlessly pushing Blackbaud parent and student data into School-Pass. Parent accounts will automatically be provisioned if they are not found in School-Pass. SSO integration between School-Pass and Blackbaud’s “ON” products will be available soon.

Other School-Pass features:

  • Carline Dismissal Automation – parent arrival during afternoon dismissal can be announced to teachers in dismissal locations for a safer and faster dismissal by automatically identifying parents/drivers via RFID/Toll tags (such as E-ZPass™, iPass, DNT, TxTag, SunPass, and more), license plates, or GPS check-in – or entered by a staff member walking the carline with a mobile device/phone
  • Student Departure Tracking – student departures such as early pickups can be tracked to make sure students leave the campus with authorized drivers, and helps to know who is on campus during emergencies.  Parents can check-in on their phones (or be checked in automatically based on their RFID/Toll tag or license plate) when they arrive at the school for early pickups – notifying the front office and the teacher, which means the student could be waiting in the front office when the parent arrives in the front office to collect their child.

  • Bus Boarding & Notification – schools can now more easily manage bus/shuttle ridership (regular AM/PM routes, off-site sport trips, field trips) – by route, by day, by seat.  Bus boarding functionality allows schools to check students on/off buses, and keeps parents informed when buses leave/arrive at schools and stops.  Billing automation makes billing parents for occasional bus rides easy.  

  • Activity Attendance & Notification – schools can have real-time activity rosters and track attendance by activity, by day, by student, with signature capture.  Parents are kept informed when students are not checked into planned activities.  Billing automation makes billing parents for enrolled activities easy.  

  • Campus Security – schools can dramatically enhance student safety by screening vehicles driving onto (and off) the school campus 24’7.  School-Pass can read RFID/Toll tags (such as E-ZPass™, iPass, DNT, TxTag, SunPass, and more) and license plates arriving or leaving the campus, validate the tag or plate against the school’s collection of authorized drivers, log parents into carline during dismissal, open gates, or alert school personnel when unwanted tags or plates are detected.

For more information about the integration and to schedule a Live Demo, contact:


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